Terms And Conditions

Tesla Scientific will not be held responsible for any damages or injuries to any persons or equipment (electronic and electrical) that may be caused or incurred as a result of the application of any of the products, content or information contained or presented on this site or any associated social media page, account, user name or online presence. All experiments are carried out at your own risk with a clear understanding of the general hazards of electricity. These experiments should NEVER be carried out using mains electricity, unless as to supply the power to a high frequency oscillator or amplifier in a SAFE manner. You should NEVER touch live mains terminals under any circumstances, and you understand that you may come into the proximity of live high voltage high frequency alternating current terminals at your own risk, discretion and free-will should you choose to conduct any of these experiments.

Through application of anything hereby presented you acknowledge the hazards and take sole responsibility for your actions.

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