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As frequency increases, the current carried by a conductor goes towards the outer surface of the conductor, and the copper in the middle becomes inactive. The depth of the current, or the active conduction depth, is called the skin depth.

The formula to calculate the skin depth is:


δ = Skin depth in metres
ρ = The resistivity of the conductor (copper = 1.678 × 10-8 ohms·metre at 20°C)
μ = The permeability of the conductor = μrμ0
μr = The relative permeability of the conductor (copper = 0.999994)
μ0 = The permeability of free space = 4π × 10-7 Henries/metre
ω = Angular frequency = 2πf
f = Frequency in cycles/sec

Example: Find the skin depth when the frequency is 1330 kc

\delta=\sqrt{\frac{2\times 1.678\times 10^{-8}}{2\times 3.142\times 1330000 \times 0.999994\times 4\times 3.142\times 10^{-7}}}

=\sqrt{\frac{0.00000003356}{10.501}}=0.0000565\; Metres

=56.532\;\mu m

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