3D Printable Flat Spiral Coils – 140mm


Print your own flat spiral coil bases for winding coils based on Nikola Tesla’s U.S. patents 645,576 and 649,621. Ideal for desktop experiments.

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Download and print your own mini flat spiral coils and conduct your own experimental research on the practical application of Nikola Tesla’s wireless and single wire electrical transmission system.

Based on Nikola Tesla’s U.S. patents 645,576 – “System Of Transmission Of Electrical Energy” and 649,621 – “Apparatus For Transmission Of Electrical Energy”.

These coils were designed to be small enough to fit most 3D printers, and simplify the construction process through being produced as one part, so all you need to do is put the wire on! Print as many coils as you want and use multiple receivers with a single transmitter.

  • STL file format
  • 140 x 140 x 10mm flat spiral coil base
  • Mirror image coils for transmission and reception
  • 2 turns primary coil
  • 33 turns secondary coil
  • 11 Megacycles/sec resonant frequency (without elevated terminal capacitance)
  • Ideal for desktop and ISM (Industrial, Scientific & Medical) frequency band experiments
  • Optional accessories pack (details below)

Coil Base A is wound in a counterclockwise direction from the outside.

Coil Base B is wound in a clockwise direction from the outside.

Print settings

Layer height: 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm
Outline: 2 minimum
Top layers: 5 minimum
Bottom layers: 4 minimum
Infill: 15% minimum
Support: Required for coil base
Colour: Coil base not suitable for black or grey due to possible carbon content

A PDF with print settings tips and detailed coil specifications will be available soon.

Required items

  • 3D printer with minimum 150mm X and Y axis. Heated bed recommended
  • ≤0.6mm diameter copper wire, 2 metres total length for two primary coils
  • ≤0.2mm diameter copper wire, 16 metres total length for two secondary coils
  • M5 x 16mm screws. Quantity: 8
  • M5 nuts. Quantity: 16
  • M5 washers. Quantity: 16
  • 5mm solderable ring terminals. Quantity: 16

Note: Quantities of nuts, washers and ring terminals include the items required for connecting the power supply to the primary coil etc.

Optional accessories pack

  • Mount the coils horizontally or vertically on a desk or wall with a versatile stand and holder
  • Suspend the coils from a rope or string
  • Locking nut allows easy separation of coils from the stand and holder
  • Screw protector to prevent accidental short-circuits of the primary coil terminals
  • Selection of bolts for securing the stand to a desk or wall without metal parts

Test parts

If you would like to see how the flat spiral coils will look and fit on your printer using different settings, you can download and print these test parts which includes a section of wire grooves and perimeter of the base. A slower printing speed is recommended for the top 2mm of the coil base to ensure a clean print of the grooves.

Download the test parts


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