Free Crystal Radio Initiative Calculator For Desktop


Free online calculator for designing your own Tesla Resonant Transformer A.K.A. Tesla coil using Eric Dollard's equations. Optimised for desktop screen size.

Free to use

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The Free Crystal Radio Initiative Calculator calculates all the basic factors required to build a Tesla style resonant transformer. Just enter your desired frequency and it will take care of the rest. Completely free to use!

The desktop version is best viewed on a screen resolution of 1920×1080

If you found this calculator useful then you might find the downloadable Advanced Crystal Radio Initiative Calculator even better. It has all the features of the Free Crystal Radio Initiative Calculator and more, including:

  • Conductor copper weight calculation
  • Hollow primary coil conductor copper weight
  • Active copper weight
  • Advanced electrical analysis of the secondary coil based on your measured frequencies

Click here to find out more now!

Don’t know what the Crystal Radio Initiative is? Click here to find out more, or visit Eric Dollard’s Crystal Radio Initiative home page by clicking here.

Happy experimenting!


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