Advanced Crystal Radio Initiative Calculator


The downloadable Advanced Crystal Radio Initiative Calculator lets you design and analyse your own Tesla Resonant Transformer with Eric Dollard’s equations.



The Advanced Crystal Radio Initiative Calculator takes Eric Dollard’s calculations even further and combines them with “real-time” advanced coil analysis which updates as you modify your design. It has all the features of the Free Crystal Radio Initiative Calculator and more, including:

  • Conductor copper weight calculation
  • Hollow primary coil conductor copper weight
  • Active copper weight
  • Advanced electrical analysis of the secondary coil based on your measured frequencies
  • MS Excel, Corel Quattro Pro and OpenOffice Calc spreadsheets included in single download

The spreadsheet is available for Microsoft Office Excel, WordPerfect Office Quattro Pro and OpenOffice Calc. The Excel version features a simplified Design Overview page which displays all the essential calculations laid over the coil diagram for an “at a glance” experience, and an Advanced Analysis page for a more in-depth look.

The download is provided in a single .zip file containing the .xlsx, .qpw and .ods spreadsheet files. Click here to download WinZip.

Minimum requirements: Microsoft Excel 2007, Corel Quattro Pro X3 or OpenOffice Calc 4.0.1. The calculator has not been tested on older versions of these programs and images may not display correctly.

Don’t know what the Crystal Radio Initiative is? Click here to find out more.


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